HP - Keyboard - K-CQ60
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Brand New HP G60 CQ60 Laptop keyboard

Version: US
Place of Origin: China
Colour: Black
Condition: Brand New

Compatible Models:

502958-001, MP-08A93US
Pavilion G60 Series:

G60-102XXG, G60-103XXG, G60-104CAG,
G60-104XXG, G60-117USG, G60-118NRG
G60-119OMG, G60-120CAG, G60-120USG
G60-123CLG, G60-125NRG, G60-126CAG,
G60-127CLG, G60-127NRG, G60-128CAG,
G60-146CAG, G60-233NRG, G60-236USG,
G60-237NRG, G60-237USG, G60-243CLG,

Presario - CQ60 Series

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