Apple - Battery - B-A1322
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Brand new Replacement (OEM) Apple MacBook Pro 13'' A1322 Battery 

Package Include: 
1 x OEM A1322 Battery 

***6 months warranty*** 


The Battery Model is A1322. 
Before your make the order.Please confirm your laptop using A1322 Battery. 
Replace Part Number: 

Fit for: 

Apple MacBook Pro 13" A1278 Internal battery 
MC700 MC374 MB990 MD212 MD313 MD101 
MacBook Pro 13" MB102 MacBook Pro 13" MC724 MacBook Pro 13" MD314 
MacBook Pro 13" MB470 MacBook Pro 13" MB990CH/A MacBook Pro 13" MC226TA/A 
MacBook Pro 13" MB470*/A MacBook Pro 13" MB990J/A MacBook Pro 13" MC226ZP/A 
 MacBook Pro 13" MB470B/A MB990LL/A MC374*/A 
MacBook Pro 13" MB470J/A MB990TA/A MC374B/A 
 MacBook Pro 13" MB470LL/A MB990ZP/A MC374CH/A 
 MacBook Pro 13" MB470TA/A MB991*/A MC374D/A 
 MacBook Pro 13" MB470ZP/A MB991CH/A MC374J/A 
 MacBook Pro 13" MB471*/A MB991J/A MC374LL/A 
MacBook Pro 13" MB471CH/A MB991LL/A MC374X/A 
MacBook Pro 13" MB471E/A MB991TA/A MC374ZP/A 
 MacBook Pro 13" MB471F/A MB991ZP/A MC375*/A 
MacBook Pro 13" MB471J/A MC226*/A MC375LL/A 
MacBook Pro 13" MB471TA/A MC226CH/A MC37B/A 
MacBook Pro 13" MB471ZP/A MC226F/A MC37CH/A 
Note: Not all compatible model# is listed. 

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